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  • If you plan to repaint your interiors this year, don’t forget to pick a hue that will positively impact your mood. While bright red or neon green may be fun, they can subconsciously create stress in the body. Below are […]
  • If you pay your credit card bill in full each month and dont pay interest, youre using your credit wisely.Youre not only getting a free 50-day loan through a credit cards grace period, but you can get some of the […]
  • Saving money can be difficult, and sometimes your frame of mind can hold you back. Here are some negative thoughts to overcome:I Dont Make Enough Money to SaveYou are more than likely wrong about this one. Sometimes it’s about writing […]
  • You’ve heard the warnings about global warming, you feel compassion for stranded polar bears and you worry about overwhelming the landfills. As a homeowner, you may not be ready for composting, but there are ways to become an eco-friendlier household.Ecologists […]
  • Unauthorized credit inquiries are a sign that someone has fraudulently applied for credit in your name. They can hurt your credit score and make your financial life more difficult until theyre removed from your credit report.A credit inquiry is a […]
  • Looking for space to store your things at home?Everything you own is competing for space in your house. Everyday items, such as clothes and exercise equipment, along with seasonal things like pool toys and Christmas decorations, are taking over your […]

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