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  • Love the color red but not sure how to add this bold shade to your space? Below are a few tips.Art. Adding a bright red painting, sculpture or oversized piece of pottery to your space can give it a color […]
  • Owing more on a car loan than the car is worth"called being upside down on a loan"can make buying a new vehicle difficult.The negative equity can mean getting less for your old car at trade-in, or coming up with the […]
  • Keeping track of every single dollar you spend can be difficult, no matter how closely you track your spending and monitor your bank accounts. Automatic payments from your checking account to pay for a gym membership, for example, can be […]
  • Saving money can be difficult, and sometimes your frame of mind can hold you back. Here are some negative thoughts to overcome:I Dont Make Enough Money to SaveYou are more than likely wrong about this one. Sometimes it’s about writing […]
  • One of the biggest responsibilities a child"or a family"can take on is adopting a dog as a pet.Feeding, walking, grooming and cleaning up after a dog are daily responsibilities that everyone can do, and will also help teach children how […]
  • These days, we’ve all got busy schedules. From work to family and social commitments, it can be hard to fit in everything. Here’s where time management can help. Consider the following tips to tick more off your to-do list, daily.Time […]

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